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We've been pretty busy so far but, we always try to serve you as best as possible! Remember, Rey's Deli always have the best quality! 

New Things

I'm going to put new things on this website for YOU! So i need suggestions, What should i put here? Games? Stories? Experiences from me being in the store? New photos? Just give suggestions......

Welcome to do this:

If you have any suggestions contact us and we will answers as soon as possible and we will try to give you as much information as possible when we answer you. Also if you have any photos of the store, let us know and we will upload them to the site. Feel free to let us know your thoughts of your experience at Rey's Deli Grocery. 

Rey Food Corp

Here we sell so many things that we know YOU actually like. AND we sell them at great prices!

Rey Food Corp

            Here we want to give you the best things and since we are a Deli, we give you quality sandwiches that are delicious.We appreciate your buisness here at Rey's Deli.